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Our Sweepers


Disk Scrub Path:
Cylindrical Path:
26” × 10”
Dimensions (L×W×H):
2 cubic feet
Solution / Recovery Tank:
58” × 31” × 38”
Run Time:
Up to 4 hours
Theoretical Coverage:
Up to 30,000 sqft/hr
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Disk Scrub Path:
Cylindrical Path:
32” × 10”
Dimensions (L×W×H):
4 cubic feet
Solution / Recovery Tank:
64” × 37” × 55”
Run Time:
Up to 7 hours
Theoretical Coverage:
Up to 60,000 sqft/hr
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Industrial Floor Sweepers in Brampton, ON

It’s important to keep a clean and safe environment for your employees and clients. Floor sweepers by Factory Cat provide cleaning powers to help you avoid hazardous falls and keep your business looking great. Clean floors can also boost morale, production, and profits due to the overall clean state of mind and safe work environment. When visitors see your clean, well-maintained space, they feel more welcomed. Take pride in your company’s aesthetics and safety with an effective and hard-working floor sweeper by Factory Cat. We’ll discuss their primary functions and how we can serve you with our sweepers. There are a few aspects to consider before purchasing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Factory Cat Sweepers?

Our floor sweepers are easy to use with operator-friendly controls, operation, and steering. You won’t have to worry about spending money and time on formal training for your operators. These floor sweepers are designed to maximize your cleaning power with little to no involvement after purchase and setup. They provide consistent, high-quality cleanliness. We build them with high-power engines that can run up to four or seven hours with 30,000 to 60,000 square feet per hour coverage. We provide a walk-behind and a ride-on sweeper to find the right fit for your space. Whatever size you go with, they’re more than capable of cleaning up debris on factory and production floors, offices, warehouses, and more. Plus, they soft on your floors, allowing you to get a deep clean without damaging your property. Our Factory Cat floor sweepers also have a vacuum and polypropylene felt “baghouse” filter system that allows our machines to stuck up to 0.2 microns and have no dust blow up.

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Factory Cat floor sweepers help you maintain clean, safe floors for your business. They’re also price-efficient to run and require relatively low maintenance. The payoff you get from having spotless floors without cleaning fatigue from your employees is always worth the initial investment. If you would like to learn more about our floor sweepers, contact our office. We’re always happy to discuss our products and help you find the right floor sweeper for your business. We’ll take your industry, space, cleanliness, and more into consideration when helping you find the perfect fit.

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Factory Cat TR Sweeper

Factory Cat Model 34

Floors So Clean You Can Eat off of Them

A Look Inside Our Sweepers


Why Us?

  • Great prices with easy financing
  • Fast and efficient cleaning to cut your costs
  • US-made steel framed scrubbers
  • Easily sweep dirt and dust without any traces
  • New and used machines in stock
  • Strong “no questions asked” warranty

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